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Rise and shine, it's almost balance bike time! From 9-10:30am today, bring your little one down for some cycling fun 🚲
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We have decided to go ahead with Race Training this evening. There may be a change to the programme on account of the wind
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We will make a decision as to whether or not race training will go ahead at just after 5pm today and then post on here. Please RT
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School Holiday Club
School Holiday ClubInstead of having the kids hanging around the house, why not bring them to our holiday club?
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Track League 2014
Track League 2014Weekly track racing for all abilities and ages. Starts Wednesday April 2nd
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Student Session
Student SessionLearn to ride the track and improve your skills, speed and fitness.
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Herne Hill Velodrome - Iconic cycling track in South East London catering for riders of all ages and abilities Managed by VCL on behalf of British cycling

Track league

For full results from 2014 click

Track league finale

Track League ends for 2015 on the 30th September, with special events for seniors and youths. Prize presentations will take place at around 8:30pm, then we shall move to Canopy Brewery for a few celebratory drinks. 

Register for 2015

You will need to register for the league by completing a form when you first sign on for your first night of racing and paying the £10 registration fee. 100% of this goes to the Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome, and existing members do not need to pay.  This year riders are able to complete their form on-line and bring a printed copy with them.  This will help you jump the queue and ensure the details we have stored for you are correct.  To complete a form click the register button below:



Racing for youths start at 6.30pm, and racing for all others starts at 7pm. Senior riders with racing accreditation can choose which category they ride in (A, B or C). Categories are flexible. Try one category one week, promote or demote yourself the next. Judges reserve the right to request riders to change categories if necessary. With 3 senior categories we want all riders to be competitive in their chosen category. The harder the category you race in, the more points you score towards the overall combined rankings. Ie, a rider who scores well in B category races, could be ranked higher than a rider who rarely scores in A category races. This year racing will be split into 5 categories:

Note, all riders riding in A, B or C categories must have passed their race accreditation and must have their own bike or a season-hire bike:
  • A category - Fast racing for riders who have been training hard and want a tough work out. Average race length 12 laps.
    Points awarded: 1st 60pts, 2nd 50pts, 3rd 40pts, 4th 30pts, 5th 20pts, 6th 10pt

  • B category - Medium speed racing for local-level racers. Average race length 10 laps.
    Points awarded: 1st 6pts, 2nd 5pts, 3rd 4pts, 4th 3pts, 5th 2pts, 6th 1pts

  • C category - More entry level racing for new, younger, older or less fit racers. Average race length 8 laps.
    Points awarded: 1st 0.6pts, 2nd 0.5pts, 3rd 0.4pts, 4th 0.3pts, 5th 0.2pts, 6th 0.1pt

  • Youth 1 category - Age group racing for newer/younger riders in the British Cycling U16, U14 and exceptional U12 riders (at commissaire's discretion). Average race length 5 laps. Exceptional U16s and U14s may ride up in the senior categories at commissaire's discretion and if they have passed a senior race accreditation.
    Points awarded: 1st 6pts, 2nd 5pts, 3rd 4pts, 4th 3pts, 5th 2pts, 6th 1pt (in separate ranking). 

  • Youth 2 category - Age group racing for riders in the British Cycling U12 and U10 categories. Average race length 3 laps.
    Points awarded: 1st 0.6pts, 2nd 0.5pts, 3rd 0.4pts, 4th 0.3pts, 5th 0.2pts, 6th 0.1pt (in separate ranking).
Separate rankings will be made for seniors, women, U12s, and U16s.

Generous sponsorship from Cycling Weekly provides this year's prizes:

Senior Men

1st £300
2nd £200
3rd £100
4th £50
5th £50
6th £50
7th £25
8th £25
9th £25
10th £25
11th £25
12th £25
13th £25
14th £25
15th £25 
Senior Women

1st £100
2nd £50
3rd £25
4th £25
5th £25
6th £25
All Youth Categories

Trophies and medals
Top youths may claim prizes from the overall senior categoires if they place high enough.

All senior riders must have scored points to qualify for prizes and volunteered one nights judging in order to claim their prize (see below).

  • Seniors £10 per week
  • Juniors £6 per week
  • Youths £3 per week (including youths riding as A, B or C cat)
All senior riders must be a Friend of the Velodrome which costs £10 per year. We do allow new riders to have a guest pass for a week without becoming a Friend - but it all goes towards suporting the track, so why not become a Friend anyway!

Sponsored by Cycling Weekly

Once again, we are being kindly sponsored by Cycling Weekly. Having been involved with their local velodrome for decades, Cycling Weekly are continuing their support of the league and will the providing prizes.

Run by Friends of the Velodrome - by track users for track users.

After 3 years being run by VCL, track league is now run by Friends of the Velodrome. Friends of the Velodrome is the support network which brings together users of the track to help support the Herne Hill Velodrome Trust and volunteer towards Herne Hill Velodrome events. It makes sense that the users of the velodrome are behind the running of our weekly race league. We hope that regular racers and their supporters will be able to give some time back to help with the running of the league.

Run by Riders for Riders

One major aim of this year's league is to lead the way in self-sufficient bike racing. No-one benefits more from the racing than the riders themselves. So, we ask riders to consider giving up a 1 out of 27 night's racing to help judge. Not only does this contribute to the scoring of the racing, but is also a great opportunity to shadow our experienced regular judges. To ensure that those who get the most out of the league give something back, any senior rider qualifying for an overall prize must volunteer for one night's judging. To ensure we have a good spread of volunteer judges throughout the season we need riders to pick a "pre-book" their volunteer week using the sheet here.

Special events all year round

The staple of Track League are the bunch races and sprints, but its great to have the opportunity to try the less common events like pursuits, sprint time trials, team events etc. As the track is now lit, we aim to have them every other week throughout the season. We are also making Madison a more regular event. We're running monthly madison training at Monday night race training, followed by Madison racing that week at Track League. We will include practice for the special events at Monday night race training. Riders can also practice their drills at Sunday morning advanced specific training. Special events are not split into categories so receive A category points, usually down to 12th place instead of 6th.

Here is a list of special events for Track League 2015:

Flying 200 – 20 riders a night

8th April
6th May
3rd Jun

Team Sprint – 6 teams per night, 3 heats of 2

8th Jul
5th Aug
2nd Sep

Pursuit – 8 riders per night, 2 heats of 4

15th Apr
13th May
10th Jun 
15th Jul
12th Aug
9th Aug

Madison - (Experienced Madison racers only) 15 lap scratch

22nd Apr (training 13th Apr)
20th May (training 11th May)
17th Jun (training 8th Jun)
22nd Jul (training 13th Jul)
19th Aug (training 10th Aug)
16th Sep (training 7th Sep)

Team Pursuit – 4 teams per night, 2 heats of 2 

29th Apr
27th May
24th Jun
29th Jul
26th Aug
23rd Sep

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