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Track League Results

Track League is our weekly race league. Other velodromes for whom Track League is their main, or only racing of the season may dedicate a weekly write-up to each Track League round. At Herne Hill, we have Open weekend racing almost every other weekend, so bare with us if we don't report quite so intently on our local-level, weekly Track League. We will be summarising each 5 weeks into quarters of the 20-round Track League season. Track League is run entirely by volunteers, what can you do to help?

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2012 Results

Pursuit Champions

Henry Martin, Senior – 6 laps in 3:22.20
Lydia Boylan, Womens – 2 laps in 1:12.43
Aidan Woolven, Youth A+B Boys - 2 laps in 1:11.43
Rachel Jary, Youth A+B Girls – 2 laps in 1:19.34 (new track record!)
Max Cheatle, Youth C+D – 2 laps in 1:26.31

Madison Champions

Symon Lewis and Iain Cook

Team Sprint Champions

Brixton CC (George Holland, Jim Sullivan & Richard St Pierre) - 1.5 laps in 50.5

Team Pursuit Champions

VC Londres (James Solly, Iain Cook, Andrew Snowball & Carlos Concecao), 8 laps in 4:30.59 (New Track Record)

Flying 200 Champions

Jim Sullivan, Senior - 12.4
Lydia Boylan, Womens – 13.85
Mostyn Taylor Crocke, Youth A+B - 15.13
Charlotte Cole-Hossain, Youth A+B Girls - 15.21
Max Cheatle, Youth C+D – 14.90

Handicap Sprint Champion

Andrew Bradshaw - 22 points from Handicap Sprints

Match Sprint Champions

Tony Lock, Senior
Lydia Boylan, Womens
Jez McCann, Youth A+B
Max Cheatle, Youth C+D

Track Stand Champion

Charlotte Cole-Hossain, overall winner in all categories!

Derny Champions

Symon Lewis, Senior
Corrine Hall, Womens
Aidan Woolven, Youth A+B Boys
Abi Van Twisk, Youth A+B Girls

Points Race Champions

Symon Lewis, Senior
24 points from Points Races, Max Cheatle
Youth C+D, 42 points from Points Races

Devil Champions

Symon Lewis, Senior - 71 points from Devils
Kareem Akinnibi, Youth C+D - 38 points from Devils

Dash Champions

Iain Cook, Senior - 16 points from Dashes
Max Cheatle, Youth C+D - 27 points from Dashes

Scratch Champions

Symon Lewis, Senior - 95.5 points from Scratch Races
Max Cheatle, Youth C+D - 84 points from Scratch Races

Special Mentions

Sandbagger Award - Most points won (by a senior) in B cat races
Colin Smith 3.4 points (32.9 points in total), 15th overall

Bridesmaid Award - Highest Placing without ever winning a race
Phil Watkins - 87.5 points, 7th overall

Super Youth Award - Best youth riding in senior categories
Hisham Al-Ramah - 36.8 12th overall 

Regular Placings:
Symon Lewis 24 firsts and 19 second places
Phil Watkins 13 third places
Iain Cook 8 fourths and 7 fifth places
Hisham Al-Ramah 6 sixth places.

Number of Riders

  • 125 Senior Men
  • 10 Senior Women
  • 29 Youth A+Bs
  • 32 Youth C+Ds
  • Most successful surname is Cheatle with 260.1 points (Max with 260 points and Jonny with 0.1 point!)
  • Most popular first name is Tom/Thomas racking up 143.6 points between them.

Number of Races

In all categories throughout the year there were 264 races with 1353.6 available in total!
Total racing laps = 2436 laps/1096.2km
Typical Senior A Rider will have races 1030 laps/463.5km


Block Handicap
Block Pursuit
Course de Primes
Course du Points
Derny Race
Flying 200m
Hare and Hounds
Human-Powered Derny Race
Match Sprint
Points Race
Team Pursuit
Team Sprint
Grand Total
Number of Races 
(in all categories)

Total Points Available


Weeks 1-5 Summary

By Jason Cattermole - number 6

Really quite a demotivating start to the year. The weather has been terrible! We haven't been the only track league to suffer, no other track league in the country has had all its scheduled rounds, and in fact our fellow Wednesday night track league in Brighton hasn't got started at all yet - so with 2 and a half rounds out of 5, we're doing about as well as possible. Thankfully the weather is Brightening up, and week 6 looks set to be a scorcher - good job, as with our local road racing league Crystal Palace, postponed due to surfacing issues, Herne Hill is keeping South London bike racing alive!

Our new track surface is definitely a lot gripper than the previous surface, though even that couldn't save the first two weeks where we had heavy downpours all day long - no one likes to ride in the rain no matter how grippy the track is! By week 3 we finally got to ride. Towards the end of the programme a very light drizzle had started, and riders still in the midset of 2011 started to pack up and leave. The meeting carried on, even with the handicap sprint final without issue. Riders need to check the Wet Weather Policy for the new track, and shake off their preconceptions - the new track is grippy!

The Youth categories are very well supported, with riders  very keen to ride, in fact we only had youth racing on week 4, as only a handful of seniors turned up, mistakenly thinking it would be too wet. Its great to see clubs from all over London sending increasing numbers of riders each year. We have a good contingent of riders from Sutton CC and CC Hackney among others joining the local clubs HHYCC and VCL. 

Kareem Akinnibi (HHYCC) is off to a strong start in the U12 league, but closely followed by Hayden Cassidy (HHYCC) and Max Cheatle (VCL). With a number of riders moving up to the senior ranks this year, the U16 field has been opened up. George Jary (VCL) and Aiden Woolven (Sutton CC) are currently tied for the lead after 3 rounds, with Fred Wright (VCL) not far behind.

We have a good number of new riders in the senior ranks. Some like Andrew Bradshaw (VCL) and Hisham Al-Ramah (VCL) have moved up from the youth ranks and are already scoring well in the senior races. Its great to see a good number of other riders who have progressed through Herne Hill's weekly training sessions and now are trying their hand at racing. As usual we have a good mix of riders getting results in the B cat races. Henry Dawson (Prestige VC), Andy O'Regan (CC Hackney) and Colin Smith (West Kent RC)  all looking good - but hopefully not too good, otherwise they'll be encouraged to try riding the A races - as Herne Hill's flexible category system allows riders to move up and down categories. Lydia Boylan (Look Mum No Hands) is also high in the rankings, showing why she's Irish National Sprint champion, but waiting for a bit more female competition. Hopefully the forthcoming Women's omnium, and ground breaking Velo Jam womens only open meeting will ignite more interest.  

This year the buzz was that Dom Hill (Bec CC) was back racing, especially after the strong display he put on at Good Friday. Other new riders like Henry Martin (VCL) are helping make for some good hard positive racing in the A cats. Currently winner of the last 2 years Symon Lewis (Elite Edwards) is trailing teammate Tony Lock (Elite Edwards), with James Solly (VCL) in third place ahead of a number of other riders clustered around the 10 point mark. 

Still, there's 15 more rounds with plenty of time to change. Track League regulars like Iain Cook (VCL), Jake Martin (Cycle Premier) and Kieran Laurie (VCL) have still not graced us with their presence, though now the suns out (and exams are finishing for some), we should be seeing them soon.


Weeks 6-10 Summary

By Symon Lewis - number 1

Being a track league in the UK it’s often hard to start any write up without mentioning the weather. However, even with the disheartening drizzle, Herne Hill track league hasn’t had one cancellation in the last four rounds. Surprising huh? Even with the more damp evenings the track has been rideable with all riders happy with the grip levels. The new surface is proving very valuable with its super fast drying ability.

As we arrive at the midway point of the season we can see Symon Lewis (Prestige VC), Tony Lock (Elite Edwards) and James Solly (VC Londres) topping the senior table with Phil Watkins (PM), Alan Strang (Dulwich Paragon) and late starter Iain Cook (VC Londres) not far behind. No one is dominating at the moment and it seems consistency is key, so keep an eye on the weekly updates, which (thanks to quick typing form Jame Solly) have been going up on the website on the night of each event.

The youth table looks very close at the moment with no one running away at the top. Leading the U12s is Max Cheatle (VC Londres) with 111 points, Kareem Akinnibi (HHYCC) in second. Aiden Woolven (Sutton CC) heads the U16s, all tipping over the 100 points mark. second and third in the U16s are George Jary (VC Londres) and Freddy Wright (VC Londres) close behind with 92 and 86 points respectively.

Even without the head banging Dominic Hill (Bec CC) around in the Senior A’s, every race has been hard fought. Gone are the days when riders would settle for second or third places, maybe Chris Boardman has had an influence with his wise words during the Tour advert breaks, “I’ve often wondered why they have second and third places on the podium”. Or maybe the little dominance has encouraged riders to try something new? Either way it has made for some great racing.

We’ve seen two of our nine special events so far. Pursuiters got their number crunching fix during weeks six and seven with Lewis, Martin, Solly and Watkins all coming in under the 3mins 30secs mark for six laps. Youths could hardly be separated. First and second were Aiden Woolven and Harrison Coombes (HHYCC) within two tenths of each other with Lydia Boylan (Look Mum No Hands) lead woman with a 1-12-43 for four laps. 

Week nine saw the much anticipated Madison. Seven teams (without being forced) got up to take on the 12 lap scratch madison (no intermediate sprints) with old team mates Iain Cook and Symon Lewis taking the spoils with a canny early move in the final stages seeing the other teams well placed changes thwarted. Tony Lock and Phil Watkins made a strong second place team, even though the very early attack was morally wrong (bunch was told to "take it easy"!), from chums, James Solly and Jules Birks (VC Londres) in third. 

The last four 20k races have seen two scratches and two points races. The points race is run over 40 laps with a more agreeable points every five laps. Each race has not only seen a new winner each week - Richard St Pierre (Brixton Cycles), Symon Lewis, Jake Martin (Cycle Premier) and last week Iain Cook, it has seen much of the bunch strung out. More often than not the winner has come from a very strong break away, which isn’t typical Herne Hill style. Times are changing.

Round 10 saw the Herne Hill Hundred roll out to coinciding with the longest day of the year. Redmon CC provided £200 of prize money to add to the excitement. Luckily we were allowed a nice sunny evening with good temperatures to make for a perfect nights racing. With the longer distance of 100laps everyone seemed to be on edge at first and didn't want to waste any energy. Even Jim Robinson and Jake Martin held back for a few more laps than usual. With a good eye for racing, organiser Jason Cattermole (VC Londres, who had a great fifth place in the final gallop, placed regular primes during the race, which sparked the race into life as well as promoting some heroic attacks. Most notably Nic Hutchings (GS Grupetto) and Jake Martin having the best chance for a break away with the old hats having to work together to get them back just before the final sprint of the first 20k. Symon Lewis took the honours followed by ex team mate Tony Lock.

After a quick ten lap recovering and regrouping session, the second half of the race started similarly. A number of keen attacks went, but with the slight wind and humongous field nothing was going to stay away. Oliver Cliff (VC Londres) and Fred Wright both in the youth categories both had amazing rides not only hanging in, but pushing the pace and attacking! In the final few laps Simon Warren, Iain Cook and Tony lock went on the attack, Tony took the win closely followed by Iain Cook, James Solly and a fast approaching Symon Lewis from the back of the field. Come back kid Jason Cattermole in fifth and Phil Watkins making the top six.

Results summary after week 10 with colourful plots and graphs can be found at http://hhvtrackleague2012.blogspot.co.uk/


Weeks 11-15 Summary

By Amy Good - youth number 12

The weather over the past few weeks has been very variable. Though it is finally starting to look like summer has started with the temperature reaching 30, it was almost too hot to ride. But last week showing how temperamental English weather is, it was pouring down. But despite this thanks to the new track surface racing still went ahead.

In the u12 Max Cheatle and Kareem Akinnibi have both stood out as being very good. Max Cheatle currently has 208 points and over the past 4 weeks has come first in most of his races. Kareem Akinnibi has 164.5 and has come second just behind Max Cheatle in most the races. I should also mention Hayden Cassidy who is coming 3rd with 114 points. But for a few weeks rode up with the O12 and not only easily kept up with them but was at the level.

In the O12 Aiden Woolven has stayed first with 163 points. But Freddie Wright and Max Bergin are both coming close behind him with 148 and 121.5 points respectively they are both doing extremely well. Though everybody apart from George Jary, with 92 points is quite far away from them. But this have not stopped any of the other riders giving it there all. I also want to mention Rachel Jary who has 68 points and is the first girl and coming 5th overall.

As always in the seniors there have been lots of riders each week. Though numbers can sometimes be reduced by bad weather. This is very different from the youths who always turn up no matter what the weather, always ready to race.

But when the weather is good and they do turn up there has been some good racing. Simon Lewis is still coming first with 170.5 points but Tony Lock is close behind him with 130.5 points. It is usually one of them who win’s most of the races in the seniors. But like in the youths that has not stopped the other riders.

There has also been another of the nine special events the flying two hundreds with the U12 in week 11 and the O12 and seniors in week 12. It is good that there are these special events. It means that new or young riders can get a chance to try different races, and older riders don’t get board of doing the same set of races every week.

Mostyn Taylor Crocke won the youths flying two hundreds with a time of 15.13. And seven of the twelve riders who took part were close all being under 16.00. In the seniors Jim Sullivan won with a time of 12.4 beating Richard St Pierre by just 0.04.


Weeks 15-20 Summary

By Judith Bonner - Judge

The last round up of the year and what can we say. Well weather has been overall better in last 5 weeks than first 5. And riders pretty much finished as they started. Nearly. Dom Hill’s appearance proved short lived. Oh and excepting the rather explosive finale - provided by Lesley Pinder. What I think was the most visually exciting crash of the season.

Sounded mechanical, looked really messy and either way felt painful…yes Lesley we all felt your pain. No really it was horrid and we hope you mend soon from your broken collar bone. Thankfully, this was the only proper crash of the year.

So how did we end as we started? Well youth riders continued to provide some great racing and hearty competiveness. The top 4 had continued to battle it out but by week 16 we pretty much knew max Cheatle had it in the bag. So it was down to the HHYCC combo of Kareem, Hayden and Arlo to battle it out. All except Arlo have been doing nationals and Hayden(by now also South East Track champ) was ailing a little. So well done Arlo who took 3rd overall with Kareem second.

The format continued to dovetail in with both Open season and track events such as Kierin 2012 and the Dave Creasy Six.

Week 15 saw team sprints hit the schedule with the Brixton trio of Richard St Pierre, Jim Sullivan and George Holland retaining the title since the back in Black meet - but no new record. Unlike the following week where the  VCL quad did a storming 4.30.59 establishing a new team pursuit track record. Solly, Iain, Carlos and Andrew Snowball provided that highlight.

I am of course supposing folk reading this will know what the difference is? The team sprint is the trio of riders where after each lap (or half lap here at the hill) a rider peels off. Two teams compete together on opposite sides of the track and first last rider over his/her finishing line wins. And its timed.

The team pursuit however the 4 strong team  stay together performing a through and off team effort and fastest two teams make it through to a final. This time the winning team is decided by the wheel of the third rider. So you often see the teams finish in a row side by side. Both are visually exciting and like Tarantino films just made for the split screen!

Back to the league. Week 18 saw some explosive racing with win-outs, devils 2 lap dashes and the breath taking track stand. And last man (well girl) standing one armed one legged was Charlotte Cole-Hussain - second year running? Runner up was George Holland and it was universally acclaimed to be one of the best moments by the youth riders. To a rider they all felt it was great that it counted to points.

Special mention to Hisham who secured a 6th place in the senior win out. He has had a great year and like many of the youth provided some gutsy rides. Also  in the mix was Abi. She's been busy taking the cyclo cross and mtb circuit apart all year so when she makes a track appearance we love it. Though for me this year Rachel Jary has stood out as a one of the yout dem to watch.

And week 19? Following on from National Derny champs and warming up for Kierin 2012 we had well Kierins and Derny. Far to much going on to report it all just to say it was superb. In the A Kierin Phil Glowinski gave us a good show not managing to blast around Rich St P but indeed beating Simon Schmidt.

In the Derny he was beaten by Harrison Coombes. And for any track MC's out theres that's Schmidt.

Still with me? Symon top of the league Lewis won the A Derny with Corrine Hall taking 3rd and Lydia Boyle 5th.

So any highlights? Well theres been so may really. Lesley Pinder was definitely coming though so making the finale crash even more tragic. Similarly enjoyed watching Wiesia, Siobahn and Laura Cheesman. Theres not enough competition for the women but still they compete like hell!

Finally I'd like to say a huge heartfelt thank you and not long enough good bye to Michael Moore.

He has decided to bow out gracefully as regular track commissaire. I have no idea how long he has been doing it. But I have been to the track since 1983 and he was here then!

He is truly a gentle man commissaire supreme and all round stabilizing good guy. Up until he was poorly a few weeks ago he collated and was the final word on results. I am going to miss him far too much. He is everything a judge should be Fair impartial and above all well humoured. So if you have any of these qualities and would like to judge we will welcome you you with  open arms, custard creams and hot tea. Oh and training.


Overall Results

By Statsmaster James Solly - number 4

Senior Overall Results

Youth A+B Results

Youth C+D Results

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