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Regarding the weather tomorrow - all sessions will go ahead as planned. We only cancel when there is ice. Wrap up warm! ☔️
2 days ago
Apologies for the late notice but there is no Women's Turbo tonight, the coach isn't able to make it. It will be back next week.
5 days ago
due to high demand, we have another Race Accreditation on March 16th https://t.co/dkxkeBHdmz
5 days ago
School Holiday Club
School Holiday ClubInstead of having the kids hanging around the house, why not bring them to our holiday club?
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Track League 2014
Track League 2014Weekly track racing for all abilities and ages. Starts Wednesday April 2nd
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Student Session
Student SessionLearn to ride the track and improve your skills, speed and fitness.
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Herne Hill Velodrome - Iconic cycling track in South East London catering for riders of all ages and abilities Managed by VCL on behalf of British cycling


New for 2014 we have introduced an accreditation system for track sessions and the track league which all adult riders must complete.  With the growth in popularity of cycling, many more cyclists are taking up track cycling and racing. Rider safety is a priority for all involved at the Velodrome, and we want to make sure that all riders have the neccesary skills before allowing them to take part in more advanced sessions and races.  The new rules and system will come into effect as of April 2014, one month after the summer training sessions start.

Youth riders (under 16 year old) do not need to complete the accreditation to take part in youth sessions or races. Though riders wishing to take part in adult sessions or races will need to complete the appropriate accreditation sessions, this may apply to 14 and 15 year olds and some exceptional under 14s.

The Session Schedule page has details of the times, days and dates of our training sessions as well as more information about what the sessions entail.

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  • Adult Riders (16+) Progression Pathway

    Youth Riders (Under 16) Progression Pathway

    Accreditation is not needed to take part in any of the youth only sessions or to race in the youth category at track league.  Youth riders wishing to take part in any adult sessions must have passed an adult Training Accreditation Session.  Youth Riders wishing to race in adult categories or take part in advanced sessions must pass the adult Race Accreditation Session.

    Accreditation Sessions

    All riders wishing to take part in Track League, intermediate or advanced training sessions will need to have passed the relevant accreditation sessions.  The sessions are split into Training accreditation and Race accreditation.  More experienced riders or riders from other tracks do not need to have attended sessions at Herne Hill to enter an accreditation session. All riders need to complete a Training Accreditation before doing a Race Accreditation. Accreditations will cost £15 per rider and have to be booked in advance via RiderHQ.  We have attempted to vary the times and days of the week these are on, so everyone should be able to find a session they are able to take part it.  You will be assessed on your track riding skills and your ability to follow instructions. You will need to make sure your bike is safe to ride and your helmet is properly adjusted unaided.  If you pass the accreditation you will be issued with a card which you must present when you sign on for sessions or races.

    You will be tested on:

    ·         Punctuality

    ·         Following Instructions

    ·         Observation

    ·         Pace Judgement

    ·         Controlling your line and positioning

    ·         Entering and leaving the track

    ·         Group Riding

    We recommend you have experience of the following exercises at Herne Hill before you take a training accreditation as some of these may be included in the session. These will all be covered in basic training sessions:

    ·         ½ Lap Changes

    ·         Pairs Changes on the Blue

    ·         Rotation (Through and off)

    ·         Taking laps

    ·         Whistle Training

    ·         Pairs Sprints (on whistle)

    And the following exercises before taking the race accreditation, these will all be covered in race training sessions:

    ·         Lumps and Bumps

    ·         Slalom

    ·         Stacking

    ·         Centre Pairs Changes

    ·         ¼ Lap changes (Changing from a pace line)

    ·         Riding in contact with another rider

    Book an Accreditation Session

    We use an on-line entry system to take bookings for all accreditation sessions.  Click the 'enter' button below to see a complete list of sessions available and book yourself on to the sessions that suits you best.  Both Training and Race accreditations are listed so make sure you book onto the appropriate session (you must have passed the training accreditation before doing your race accreditation). If the button below doesn't work then click here


    Accreditation FAQs

    Is probationary accreditation available for more experienced riders?

    No, you still need to pass both levels of accreditation. However if you are an experienced racer from another velodrome you do not necessarily need to come to any training sessions prior to your accreditation.

    Current International professional riders, and riders on British Cycling track development programmes (ODP and above) do not require accreditation.

    Do I need to be accredited to ride Open meetings?

    This is at the race organiser’s discretion.  Usually riders based at or near Herne Hill will be expected to have passed a race accreditation, while riders travelling from further afield won't be expected to.

    How much does each accreditation cost?

    £15 per rider plus a 70p booking fee.

    How do I know if I’m ready to do an accreditation?

    Ask one of the coaches at the sessions you go to and check you are happy with all the skills and excercises you will be tested on (outlined above)

    Can I get a refund?

    If you need to change or cancel your booking you can get a refund if you give at least 7 days’ notice via RiderHQ

    What if I lose my accreditation card?

    A replacement can be purchased for £5

    Does my accreditation expire or can it be revoked?

    Your accreditation does not expire.  If a rider is repeatedly deemed to be riding dangerously their accreditation may be revoked.  Accreditation is not an entitlement to take part in any session, you may still be excluded at the coaches’ discretion or if a session is full.

    Can an accreditation at Herne Hill Velodrome be used at other tracks?

    We are currently working closely with several other velodromes around the UK.  At the moment a Herne Hill accreditation is not valid at other velodromes, but we are working towards it being valid at all other outdoor tracks with an accreditation system and shortening the accreditation process for indoor velodromes

    I’m accredited at another Velodrome, is my accreditation valid at Herne Hill?

    Currently no accreditations from other velodromes allow you to take part in sessions or league races at Herne Hill, though we are working towards a standardized system with all velodromes in the UK.

    Are there any track sessions I can ride without accreditation?

    Yes, the Track Induction, and Track Skills sessions on Saturday are perfect for honing your skills before taking an accreditation test. You can also ride the Wednesday morning Over 40s and Women session, Sunday's Women Only Session and Tuesday evening Road Bike Session without accreditation. 

    I used to race here years ago. Can't you just give me a pass?

    Times change, standards are refined, and we can't make exceptions (even all our coaches have had to pass their accreditations). If you haven't been to the velodrome for a while it would be a good idea to have a refresher anyway.

    I completed the old progress card. Does this count?

    Unfortunately not. The old progress cards used over the last few years advised on the number of sessions a rider should complete before progressing. Our new accreditation is a much more complete system culminating with a proper assessment of each rider to improve rider safety and quality of session.

    Do I need my own bike?

    For the Training Accreditation you do not need your own bike, but must be able to take one from the shed and adjust the saddle to the correct height unaided.  For the Race Accreditation you must either own your own track bike or be using one of the season hire bikes. You need your own bike for advanced sessions and races, so you need your own bike for the Race Accreditation.


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