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Some spaces have been freed up on this weekend's training accreditation - book a last minute place now! https://t.co/wnTKKXdbSP
about one day ago
Women and Girls Turbo is back on tonight! Set up at 7 for a 7:30 start. Bring your road bike.
about one day ago
Rise and shine, it's almost balance bike time! From 9-10:30am today, bring your little one down for some cycling fun 🚲
3 days ago
School Holiday Club
School Holiday ClubInstead of having the kids hanging around the house, why not bring them to our holiday club?
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Track League 2014
Track League 2014Weekly track racing for all abilities and ages. Starts Wednesday April 2nd
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Student Session
Student SessionLearn to ride the track and improve your skills, speed and fitness.
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Herne Hill Velodrome - Iconic cycling track in South East London catering for riders of all ages and abilities Managed by VCL on behalf of British cycling


This page gives a general overview of the sessions we run at Herne Hill Velodrome. See also:


Herne Hill runs a variety of weekly sessions throughout the season. Sessions are rated and colour co-ordinated into 4 categories:
Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Youth Only.

Booking is not required for any of the public sessions though it had been known for sessions to fill up, so if possible arrive early.

You don't need to be a member of any club or association to ride the majority of the weekly sessions. The exceptions are the Wednesday night Track League (and other racing) and Thursday night Derny training, for which you need to hold British Cycling silver membership.

Being an outdoor velodrome, Herne Hill track sessions can only run in dry weather. The track becomes too slippery to ride when wet. Our new track surface means that light drizzle and a damp track is still ok to ride in, but heavy rain and a soaked track isn't. During the summer it can dry very quickly so don't be put off by a light shower on a hot day. Most of our public sessions stop at the beginning of November and resume at the end of Feburary every year, however the offroad circuit remains usable all year round.

See the Session Schedule page for a full calendar, list and description of all the racing and training sessions.

The first time you come to Herne Hill Velodrome you should take part in an induction session. These will teach you all the basics of track riding. An induction is required even if you are a competent cyclist, as track riding involves etiquette and skills not found in other areas of cycling.

All sessions (excluding the Tuesday night road bike session) take place on fixed wheel track bikes. See the bikes page for more details of what to ride and the clothing page for what to wear.

Also, for all sessions please sign on at the tables by the track gate by the home straight of the track.

The cafe, serving refreshments and food is open on Saturday mornings and for race meetings. Spectators are welcome for all public training and racing sessions.

New, and less regular sessions will be announced soon, and throughout the year, so keep checking our front page, or follow us on twitter @hernehillvel


This is the place to start if you are a novice or a rider looking for an easier workout. These sessions will work on all the basics of track riding, both on your own and in a group. The pace is not too strenuous so these sessions are also ideal if you just want to do some non-competitive riding.

If you are unsure of your level its always best to start in this session and see how you get on.

Riders wishing to move up to intermediate should ask the lead coach prior to riding in a basic training session so they can be assessed for approval.

Novice Inductions

Novice level inductions cover all the basics of track riding and only assume a basic competent level of cycling skill. Please note: Saturday induction sessions are for adult riders only, children under 16 should arrive at 0900 for an induction during the youth only session.


These sessions are the place to hone your skills and speed. Intermediate sessions will be faster than novice sessions and will work on a more varied range of skills. These sessions are designed to prepare riders to be able to compete in local level track races such as the Wednesday Night Track League.

Intermediate Inductions

Between May and August an intermediate level induction is offered just before the Monday Night Race Training session. These inductions are intended for riders who already have a fair level of fitness and bike skill, but who are unfamiliar with track riding, for example; riders coming from other disciplines of cycling (road, MTB etc)


These are the sessions to do if you want to be competing at regional and even national level events. Advanced sessions are physically hard work and will also introduce the more complex skills and techniques of track racing. If you are unsure weather you are skilled or fit enough for the advanced sessions, please try an intermediate session first and ask a coach's opinion.

Youth Only

Self explanatory, these sessions are only for riders aged under 16. We have bikes that will fit an average 7 year old. They must be capable of riding on their own, unassisted in a safe manner (ie without weaving) and able to follow simple instructions.

Older youth riders may also be allowed to ride in other sessions, but this is down to the coach's discretion, so please inquire first.

Youth Inductions

Casual inductions are available during all youth sessions


Prices include bike hire, if applicable, unless stated otherwise

Adults Session Price Notes
Induction £8.00
Noivce/ Intermediate/ advanced/ race training £6.00  
Derny Training £8.00 Includes £2 fuel levy
Road bike training £6.00 (no bike hire)

Youths Session Price Notes
Member of VC Londres £2.00  
Non - members £3.00  
Derny Training £4.00 Over 14s only
Holiday Club - British Cycling Members £10.00 All day
Holiday Club - Non British Cycling Members £15.00 All day
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