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Regarding the weather tomorrow - all sessions will go ahead as planned. We only cancel when there is ice. Wrap up warm! ☔️
one day ago
Apologies for the late notice but there is no Women's Turbo tonight, the coach isn't able to make it. It will be back next week.
3 days ago
due to high demand, we have another Race Accreditation on March 16th https://t.co/dkxkeBHdmz
3 days ago
School Holiday Club
School Holiday ClubInstead of having the kids hanging around the house, why not bring them to our holiday club?
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Track League 2014
Track League 2014Weekly track racing for all abilities and ages. Starts Wednesday April 2nd
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Student Session
Student SessionLearn to ride the track and improve your skills, speed and fitness.
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Herne Hill Velodrome - Iconic cycling track in South East London catering for riders of all ages and abilities Managed by VCL on behalf of British cycling


What to wear? A question often clouds the mind of the fashion conscious cyclist. Don’t worry, specialist clothing isn’t required to ride on the track, but some basic threads will improve your track riding experience greatly:

  • Helmets must be worn whenever using any cycling facility at Herne Hill Velodrome. Peaks must be removed from helmets.
  • Gloves must be worn at all times when riding on the track. Wearing gloves, preferably padded cycling gloves, will make your hands a lot less prone to numbness and soreness. and protect them in the event of a crash.
  • Shoes: All of our hire bikes have toe-clips and straps. So normal trainers are fine, you don’t need cycling specific shoes.  If you wish to use your own cycling shoes and pedals then bring them with you.
  • Ensure that shoe laces, and trouser bottoms are tucked well out the way of your chain. If either get entangled with your chain, at best you’ll rip them, at worst you’ll come off the bike. It is best to tuck laces into your shoes, and either roll trouser legs up, or tuck them into your socks.
  • Likewise, any baggy and flapping clothing (hoods, skirts, scarfs, coats etc) poses a risk of getting caught on something.
  • Baggy and flapping clothing also makes a significant negative effect on your aero-dynamics, and will noticeably slow you down. Close fitting, or cycling specific clothing, is ideal.
  • Wearing two layers of clothing, especially on your top half will make you a lot less likely to receive cuts and grazes in the event of a crash.
  • Padded cycling shorts will greatly improve comfort in sensitive body areas!
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